AOA Petition #2 | Dear Governor Newsom: Please immediately issue monthly RENTAL VOUCHERS...

Can You Believe It?

A new proposal is now taking shape in the state senate by senate majority leader, Bob Hertzberg.  They are calling it a "10-year plan" but it is really a 14-year plan that would allow housing consumers affected by the virus to take up to 2034 to pay all back rent owed.  Guess Hertzberg wants to make sure that the tenant is either dead or gone and out of town when it comes time to actually collect any past due rent!

Please share this petition with your friends and tenants to sign; then also print a copy and send it to the Governor at: 1303 10th St., Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814. We need to collect thousands of signatures and then AOA will forward it to our political elites to help them to also consider the needs of housing consumers and housing providers.


A lot of people are asking how they can donate to the AOA Political Action Committee to help fight for landlord rights.  You may donate online at or hit the "Donate Now" button below.  You may also donate with a check or money order payable to: AOA PAC and mail it to: 6445 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 300, Van Nuys, CA 91411.  Thank you for joining in and being a part of the solution.

Petition Text

Petition #2

The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Governor of California
1303 10th Street, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA  95814

Dear Governor Newsom:

Please immediately issue monthly RENTAL VOUCHERS  for April and each month thereafter during this state of emergency to those renters who “qualify” as losing their source of income caused by COVID-19!  These vouchers should be 100% deals, just as you give 100% to everything you do.  Not a cheap “80% cancel all my legal debt” deal … unless YOU pay 20% of all of my bills!  Also, I need cash from my tenants to pay current bills – not some note due in 10 years.  Many housing providers cannot afford to be in the lending business!

As a result of laws passed and being passed, many housing consumers are unable to pay their rent.  Since our government is responsible for these laws, we ask that our government shoulder the responsibility for the burden it has placed upon those whose rent goes unpaid.  These vouchers could be issued as a free grant or as a loan that the tenant pays back to the State

Vouchers Would Solve Current Economic Problems

When 100% vouchers are issued, tenants will not have to worry about paying rent now or twelve months from now.  (Rent that would not and/or could not be paid anyway!)  They will be able to use other income to put food on the table for their family.  A homeless crisis can be averted.  An eviction crisis can be averted.  And the “housing crisis” will not be made even worse than it was before the coronavirus, as housing providers will also be able to pay other bills.

Builders and Providers Fleeing

Now we have before us this crazy 14 year payback proposal (erroneously being called a "10 year plan") which would give housing consumers until 2034 to pay back rent.  (I could be dead in 14 years!)  This 2034 proposal would obviously drive many providers out of the housing market.    Proposals like this and the 80% deal along with other tenant welfare laws have frightened those with investment capital and they are fleeing California in order to avoid paying for the lopsided laws that govern property in our State.  These “coronavirus laws” are yet another reason more builders will be pulling out of California as politicians demonstrate their despicable attitude toward housing providers and property rights.  Please know that housing must be paid for by those who consume and use our housing OR no new housing will be provided!  While our government unfairly determines the price and term, housing providers and builders decide what State gets the new housing.  At the current rate of new laws, it’s not going to be California!  We better do something about it now because it has and is happening as the housing shortage grows bigger and bigger!

Your Leadership is Needed

With your leadership and 100% commitment to the housing industry and immediate action of fairness, we look forward to serving our customers and continue being a huge part of the housing solution.  We need you to care for the mom and pops who are already supplying 50% of all housing!


Struggling California Landlords and Tenants

P.S.  Please care!  Please know that AOA is one of the largest individually organized groups of owners in the State, so we are conveying to you what a very large number of taxpayers are recommending.  

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