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URGENT! Contact Congress and ask them to prevent Medicare Cuts to Occupational Therapy

We need your advocacy to stop Medicare cuts.

The 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS), which sets Medicare Part B payments for occupational therapy practitioners (OTPs) and other healthcare professionals, included an estimated 3.1% cut to 2024 payment rates for occupational therapy services. This cut follows several years of cuts that are the result of arbitrary rules governing the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. 

Despite the efforts of AOTA and other healthcare groups, Congress failed to act to prevent these cuts from going into place. However, in March, Congress must vote to fund the federal government for the rest of year. This will give them another chance to reduce the MPFS cuts for the rest of 2024.

We are asking you to write to Congress and tell them that these ongoing reductions are not sustainable.

While Congress has discussed long-term reform, they must also act in the short term. Please write to your Representative and Senators and ask them to take action today.

Resources & Additional Information:

  • Watch our 18-minute video presentation discussing the structure the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and the root cause of these cuts, as well as current legislation and activities in Congress around stopping these cuts. Watch the video on this issue on Vimeo (18 minutes).
  • View our One-Pager about the history of ongoing cuts to payment for occupational therapy services under Medicare. This resource was developed to give to policymakers as a part of September’s annual Hill Day. Review that one pager on our website.
  • Read our article on therapy-specific policy principles developed by AOTA and other rehab providers for reform of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Read our article and review our handout on our website.

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