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Tell your Members of Congress to Co Sponsor the Medicare Mental Health Access Act
The Medicare Mental Health Access Act (H.R. 884) would remove a roadblock to mental health treatment for Medicare beneficiaries in certain treatment facilities.  Although psychologists are licensed to practice independently in all U.S. states and jurisdictions, Medicare still requires unnecessary physician sign-off and oversight of their services in some settings, hampering or even preventing delivery of needed care.
H.R. 884 would remove this barrier by adding clinical psychologists to the list of providers in Medicare’s definition of a “physician,” which already includes podiatrists, chiropractors, optometrists, and dentists.  Psychologists are the only doctoral-level provider not included.
If you use social media, tweet your Members of Congress, too!
Sample Tweets to U.S. Representatives:
.@ [insert representative’s twitter handle] pls cosponsor # HR884 to increase #MentalHealthAccess for #Medicare patients

If your Representative or Senator is already a co-sponsor, please tweet a thank you to them to show your appreciation for their support: Click here for a list of co-sponsors to H.R. 884.
Share your Story
Personal examples of problems and headaches caused by Medicare’s physician oversight requirement will help us demonstrate to Members of Congress the need to support the Medicare Mental Health Access Act. Share your story at: pracgovt@apa.org.  Examples of such stories can be found here.
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