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Ask your legislators to vote “Yes” on passing the Provider Tax bill!
Please contact your state legislators to ask that they vote "Yes" to pass the Health Insurance Claim Assessment bill, also known as the Provider Tax legislation in this current session. The current MNCare tax process is cumbersome and expensive for psychologists. It is difficult for us to identify the federal and hybrid insurance plans, and MNCare tax audits cause sole proprietors and small clinics to lose significant revenue during the time required for gathering documents and time with the auditor. During the audit process, patients have less access to their providers, and providers are unable to take on new patients. We seek to transfer the burden of this third-party tax process directly to the health insurance companies, who already calculate the tax and pass it on to psychologists. 

Passing the Provider Tax bill will: 

  • Help ease the administrative burden on and cost to psychologists and other mental health providers, particularly those in small practices or sole proprietorships. 
  • Retain the MNCare insurance system, which provides health insurance coverage and healthcare to low-income Minnesotans who are not eligible for Medicaid. 
  • Create a more efficient business model not only for providers, but for the state of Minnesota to collect the MNCare tax. 
  • Benefit other small practice healthcare providers, such as dentists, nurse practitioners, and physicians.


As you know, Minnesotans are in a mental health crisis, and our workforce is declining. Please help us to decrease the burden on psychologists who are already practicing and newcomers to the mental health field. To change the MNCare tax assessment on psychologists, the bill must pass committee votes. With that in mind, we need all Minnesota psychologists to contact their legislators and ask them to vote “Yes”on the Provider Tax!

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