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Tell your state senator to VOTE YES on the Alabama Literacy Act!

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Last week, the Alabama House of Representatives voted 92-3 to pass the Alabama Literacy Act (HB 388) with bipartisan support. This bill would provide resources to teachers in reading instruction and require proficiency-based promotion from third to fourth grade. The Senate will consider HB 388 bill this week. 

Every child deserves the opportunity and support to become an excellent reader. This bill would provide:

  • Renewed focus on pre-k to third grade reading
  • Targeted funding and resources where they are needed most
  • Stronger teacher preparation in college to ensure new teachers are prepared for science-based reading instruction
  • Early identification and additional support for students with dyslexia and other specific needs

North Carolina passed a similar law in 2012. Since implementing the law, their ranking for fourth grade reading scores on the National Assessment for Education Progress (NAEP) rose from 24th in the nation in 2011 to 19th in 2017. The results have been similar in Mississippi, which now ranks second in the nation in reading gains, since it passed its Literacy Based Promotions Act in 2013.

During that same timeframe, Alabama’s ranking dropped from 32nd in 2011 to 39th in 2017.

Tell your state senator to vote YES on HB 388!

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