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Federal Issues
The nonprofit arts community, like other charitable sectors, relies on the generosity of individual donations from people of every income level who believe the public good is served by supporting charitable organizations. For nearly 100 years, the Charitable Deduction has... [+] more
At a time when global cultural exchange is of great value to United States interests, artists and nonprofit arts organizations have confronted uncertainty in gaining approval for foreign guest artist visa petitions due to lengthy and inconsistent processing times,... [+] more
Other Issues
Dear Tucson Arts Supporter, As a reminder, the City Council will be be meeting next Wednesday, April 23rd to vote on the City Manager's budget proposal to cut arts funding by 75% for FY 2014-2015, beginning on July 1, 2014.  We need to remind our Tucson elected... [+] more
Call to Action for Tucson Advocates
Dear Tucson Arts Supporter, Thank you for being part of Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund's national advocacy network.  We write to you today with a local call to action happening in your own backyard.  Public funding for nonprofit arts... [+] more