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Federal Issues
Each August, Members of Congress travel to the congressional districts and states they represent for an extended work period - making it a great time to invite your Representative and Senators to arts gatherings, exhibition openings, performances, educational workshops and... [+] more
Urge Your New Representative to Support the Arts
Did you know you have new representation in Congress? The 2014 Election has sent 76 new members to serve in the 114th Congress. With Congress committed to taking action this spring on key policies affecting the arts and teaching the arts in schools, we need your help to... [+] more
Call On Your Senator to Support Arts Education!
Dear Arts Advocate: It is a crucial time in Washington for arts education. The Every Child Achieves Act, the bill to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), was recently passed through the Senate education committee by a unanimous vote... [+] more
The nonprofit arts community, like other charitable sectors, relies on the generosity of individual donations from people of every income level who believe the public good is served by supporting charitable organizations. For nearly 100 years, the charitable deduction has... [+] more
Other Issues
We are pleased to offer you a customizable "Letter to the Editor" to send to your local media. Simply enter your zip code in one of the designated boxes, select the media outlets to which you'd like to send your piece, then customize your letter using the talking points we... [+] more