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Legislative Update: Starting Strong in 2024
April 24, 2024 by Government Relations Staff

2024 has started with a bang. To elevate and protect the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession, ASRT continues to diligently monitor legislative actions at the state and the federal level —from efforts to roll back licensure to proposals to expand scopes of practice for other practices.  

State Actions:  

In coordination with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and other partner imaging organizations, ASRT continued concerted advocacy efforts in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, California and North Carolina.  

ASRT has launched three advocacy action campaigns in 2024 to support our legislative efforts in New Hampshire, California and Pennsylvania. To learn more about ASRT’s advocacy efforts in these states and how to get involved, please visit the ASRT Advocacy Action Center.  

Legislative Wins:  

ASRT has seen significant successes protecting and expanding licensure in 2024. ASRT’s advocacy victories so far are: 

In New Hampshire, ASRT opposed House Bill 1410, a bill which sought to amend and repeal licensure laws across many professions, including licensure for medical imaging and radiation therapy. The ASRT, New Hampshire Society of Radiologic Technologists, and our partner organizations sent letters opposing the inclusion of medical imaging and radiation therapy, and NHSRT members spoke in opposition to the bill during committee hearings. The bill was amended by the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee to remove medical imaging and radiation therapy from the bill. 

In Michigan, ASRT worked with the ARRT, Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists and Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging on a regulatory effort for equipment regulations. These rules were finalized the week of March 14, 2024, and went into effect on March 20.  

In Washington, ASRT worked with RAYUS Radiology and the ARRT on amending licensure to recognize the magnetic resonance primary pathway in state statue. House Bill 2355 passed both chambers and was signed by the governor on March 14, 2024.  

Letters ASRT Sent: 

ASRT has sent letters to the following states to voice opposition to or recommend changes to proposals across issue areas, including encroachment, inappropriate scope of practice expansion, remote imaging and deregulation.  

New Hampshire: Licensure repeal. 

Florida: Interstate mobility. 

Oregon: Hybrid imaging rules. 

New Jersey: Age requirements for R.T. licensure.  

Massachusetts: Medical assistant fluoroscopy rules change. 

Louisiana: Private R.T. rules change. 

Michigan: Nurse practitioner scope of practice expansion.  

In addition to these letters of opposition, ASRT has sent letters and recommendations to the following states to express support for the following issues: 

District of Columbia: Medical imaging licensure bill.  

California: Radiologist assistant title recognition. 

Washington: MRI credentials for licensure. 

Maryland: Limited x-ray machine operator licensure. 

Connecticut: Hospital certificate of need for computed tomography.  

What's Next? 

With many states' 2024 legislative sessions completed or finishing soon, ASRT looks to push our legislative efforts past the finish line before sessions end. ASRT continues to monitor legislation and regulations that impact the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession.  

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