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Urgent NY Take Action: Stop A7154, No mandatory adult vaccine database, Assembly Floor Vote Today, 5/30

NY Take Action: Stop A7154/S1531, 

No mandatory adult vaccine database, 

Assembly Floor Vote TODAY, 5/30


You need to take action TODAY . Assembly bill A7154, the mandatory adult vaccine database, will be voted on the Assembly floor today, Tuesday 5/30! The bill would make the existing voluntary adult vaccine database essentially mandatory by requiring people to opt out rather than requiring medical workers to ask for permission to include data. The only reason to do this is that at some point they intend to enforce compliance. Exactly like the State uses the childhood database to deny children access to school, the adult database will provide the necessary information to enforce vaccine passports, and will be used to deny you the right work, practice your profession, go to college, access healthcare, access public places, travel, and all the other repressive measures they already used with COVID passports.  They are doing this at the same time that Governor Hochul and Attorney General James are appealing the court decision that threw out their draconian quarantine camp regulation. 

Use the panel to the right to send a message to your Legislators expressing your opposition to A7154/S1531.

Call your Assemblymember, and Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie, and your State Senator and ask them to oppose A7154/S1531

Call your State Senator and Assemblymember to oppose these bills. 

You can look them up here:




Carl Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly

(518) 455-3791, (718) 654-6539


LOB 932, Albany, NY 12248

Twitter: @carlheastie



Here are some talking points you can use on your phone calls. 

  • What is the need? There are no required vaccines for general population adults,
  • S1531 violates every principle of medical privacy,
  • S1531 violates physicians' duty of confidentiality,
  • The database will  be used to identify and punish people. It is COVID now, it will be other shots in the future,
  • This is the first step to statewide vaccine passports,
  • Opens the door to demanding all medical records, psychiatric drugs, HIV and other STDs, contraceptive use, etc.,
  • This is taxpayer subsidized marketing for drug companies,
  • Immigrant rights advocates are concerned it will be used to track and locate undocumented people for deportation,
  • This bill will disproportionately impact black and brown people who have the lowest rate of COVID vaccine uptake of any racial groups.






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