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NY Take Action: Reyes keeps misrepresenting her A6761, Worst Children's Health Bill Ever

Parents and concerned New Yorkers rallied yesterday in the Bronx to oppose Assemblymember Karines Reyes’s bill A6761 that would allow ANY medical procedure to be done to Any child of Any age without parental knowledge or consent. Reyes’s A6761 would create a state of perpetual medical kidnapping for all children in the state of New York.

News 12 Bronx covered the event and included in their broadcast a quote from Reyes’s saying, the bill covers, "a very small fraction of young people." That statement is factually incorrect. Reyes is either misrepresenting her bill, or she doesn’t understand what A6761 does, since the bill explicitly covers ALL children in New York.

In an apparent effort to try and diminish the sweeping loss of parental  rights and danger inherent in children making medical decisions, Reyes was also quoted by News 12 reporter Virginia saying that the bill would cover things like giving child “Tylenol and vaccines.” Reyes completely dismisses the fact that many people cannot tolerate Tylenol which has a wide range of side effects, including death. 

Reyes also disregards a federal court order that overturned a Washington DC law that allowed vaccines to be given to 11-year-olds without parental consent. Federal law requires that parents must  be give a vaccine information statement before a vaccine is administered, that cannot be done if the parent is excluded from decisionmaking. 

Reyes did not explain why the official description of the bill inaccurately states that it only covers “homeless children” and “certain” medical procedures when it clearly states in the text of the bill that it covers ALL children and ALL procedures. 



Please use the panel to the right to send a message to your State Senator and Assembly member correcting all of the incorrect information Reyes is generating and asking them to oppose A6761 and S8352, the companion bill in the State Senate.

Please post this link all over social media to the News 12 report:



Get on the phone to your Assemblymember and State Senator. Please call their offices and let them know you want them to oppose A678661/S8352. Their contact information should appear below .

Or look them up here:




Call A6761/S8352 sponsors Reyes and Senator Rachel May Tell them you oppose this insane bill and ask why the official description of the bill is inaccurate.

Karines Reyes, Sponsor, (718) 931-2620, (518) 455-5102

Senator Rachel May, (518) 455-2838, (315) 478-8745 


Call the Assembly leadership Ask them to oppose this insane bill and ask why the official description of the bill is inaccurate.

Carl Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly

LOB 932, Albany, NY 12248

(518) 455-3791, (718) 654-6539


Twitter/X: @carlheastie



Amy Paulin: (518) 455-5585, (914) 723-1115, sponsor

LOB 822, Albany, NY 12248


Twitter: @AmyPaulin



Please share this message with friends and family and please share on social media.

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