Speak out against biased HR 190 introduced by Congressman Pallone
On March 7, Representative Frank Pallone, an outspoken long time supporter of separatism in Azerbaijan and illegitimate regime installed in occupied Nagorno Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, introduced yet another bill in the House attempting to lure other lawmakers into an idea of establishing diplomatic relations with the puppet regime in Khankendi. 

In defiance of all principles of international law, but most importantly, the official stance of U.S. government on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Pallone continues to lobby for the narrow interests of Armenian groups at a cost of U.S. national interests and U.S. taxpayers. 

The resolution depicts the illegitimate regime installed on occupied Azerbaijani territories by Armenia as a "democratically elected government" and even asks to have U.S. officials and representatives of puppet entity (including "generals" who committed war crimes in Azerbaijan) to start visits to the occupied territories and the United States, respectively. 

Please take a moment to participate in the campaign and send the letter to the members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, where the resolution was sent for review, expressing your discontent and indignation, and urging to defeat the bill, encouraging separatism, in the committee.

Thank you!

USAN Board
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