Decry representative of Armenian separatists on Capitol Hill
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On October 30, the Embassy of Armenia, Armenian lobbying groups (Armenian National Committee of America and Armenian Assembly of America) are organizing an event on Capitol Hill to honor Masis Mayilian, a representative of an Armenian puppet regime installed by Armenia on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Mayilian, who calls himself the "foreign minister", represents a group of individuals complicit in perpetrating Khojaly Massacre and other war crimes against Azerbaijani civilians during the 1988-1994 aggression against Azerbaijan. As a representative of an unrecognized entity, supported and sustained militarily by Armenian armed forces, Mayilian is one of many reasons why close to 1 million Azerbaijani IDPs are unable to return to their homes in Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. 

By bringing Masis Mayilian to Washington and organizing an event on Capitol Hill, the Armenian government and Armenian lobbying groups are trying to attach legitimacy to an otherwise illegitimate regime. The organizers are sending messages to all unwitting members of Congress, attempting to lure them in to their event. It is our duty to inform our elected officials and local media about the nature of the separatist regime and Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, and by association, against US national interests. Please take a minute to send the message to your elected officials by clicking the button below. Thank you for your efforts!

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