Denounce bill on recognition of the illegitimate puppet regime in Nagorno Karabakh
Dear Friend,

Armenian narrow interest groups are once again attempting to have the Minnesota Senate recognize the illegitimate regime, installed by Armenia on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. The bill Senate Resolution 197, introduced by senator Mary Kiffmeyer, and apparently prepared by ethnic Armenian lobbyists, seeks to misinform and mislead Minnesota lawmakers and lure them into making recognitions, supported neither by the US government, nor by the American people, in general.

At the moment, the draft bill, which calls Minnesota to recognize independence of the so-called "Republic of Artsakh" and declare May 5 as recognition day, is currently referred to the State Committee on Rules and Administration. As you might remember, last year the very same Senator Kiffmeyer sponsored the SF2864, the bill with the same text asking to recognize the illegitimate regime. The bill was then referred to the State Government Finance and Policy and Elections, which denied to pass it. Apparently, Mrs Kiffmeyer decided to use all committees in the legislature to mislead lawmakers and get support.

Please take a minute to send the following letter to your elected officials, informing them about Nagorno Karabakh conflict, international law, and asking them to reject the bill.

USAN Board of Directors
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