Counter efforts of Armenian lobbyists to urge to funnel taxpayer money to puppet regime in Nagorno Karabakh
Dear Friend,

A group of congressmen from the Armenian Congressional Caucus acting in complete opposition to US national interests, are urging other members of Congress to support extending financial aid to the puppet regime installed by Armenia in occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Trump Administration for the first time in two decades has decided to end provision of aid to the illegitimate regime which has been against Washington's interests in the first place. The House Appropriation Subcommittee will be discussing the FY2021 Foreign Aid Bill on July 6.  

The illegitimate regime in Nagorno Karabakh, installed by Armenia in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan functions due to extensive aid provided by Russia and Iran in an effort to undermine our ally Azerbaijan which has acted as a central energy and security partner in the region. The Armenia-installed regime acts as a proxy for big regional powers to counteract US interests and activities in South Caucasus. 

Please consider sending this letter to inform your legislators about the occupation of Azerbaijani territories, violation of international law, and the nature of Armenia-installed regime they are asking to fund.

Thank you!

USAN Board
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