Decry the New Jersey SR99
Dear Friend,

Using state legislatures as their playgrounds, Armenian narrow interest groups attempt to inflict damage to the relations between the United States and our allies Turkey (NATO member) and Azerbaijan. This time, in your Great State of New Jersey, at the behest of Armenian lobbyists, Senator Joseph Lagana of NJ is set to introduce a Senate Resolution 99 to "condemn attacks by Azerbaijan against civilians in the Artsakh Republic", in which the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is misrepresented and the facts on Armenian aggression against and occupation of Azerbaijan's territories, systematic attacks against residential areas in Ganja, Barda, Tartar and Mingechevir are conveniently left out. The bill promotes Russia's proxy state Armenia and its illegal creation "Artsakh", in contravention of national interests and the states foreign policy of the United States.

Please take a minute to send your letter to the New Jersey legislature to inform your elected officials and denounce this action by sponsors of the bill.

The twits and a short text for a call to your elected official is also available. You may press the phone button for the text and the phone number of your representative appear on the screen.
You can also call directly to his Chief of Staff and Scheduler to voice your opposition of SR99. Below are their contacts:

Nick Mammano
Titles: Chief of Staff
Phone: (201) 576-9199

Holly Tedesco
Titles: Scheduler
Phone: (201) 576-9199

Thank you!

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