Let's thank Sec. Blinken and Biden Administration for the annual waiver of Section 907
As you know, back in 1992 when Azerbaijan didn't even have an embassy in DC, at the behest of the Armenian lobby, the then-Senator Kerry and pro-Armenian members of Congress, sponsored crushing sanctions against Azerbaijan called Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act. This amendment to the law which was designed to aid the newly independent republics of the former Soviet Union, was an insult added to the injury, blocking all aid, even humanitarian, to Azerbaijan, which experienced an outright military aggression from the Russia-supported Armenia amounting to the largest to date humanitarian crisis in the South Caucasus with hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani refugees/IDPs dislocated from their ancestral lands. 

An inhumane approach that demonstrated the power of the Armenian lobby and many members of Congress who availed themselves to be bought. Thanks to President Bush, since 2002 Section 907 has been waived, annually after Azerbaijan joined the Global War on Terror and unconditionally opened its air and land space for transit of U.S. troops and supplies. All Presidents since then have waived the unjust Section 907, including Obama, Trump, and now Biden. 

Let us thank President Biden, Secretary Blinken, as well as appeal to the Congress and to the U.S. media on the need to not only waive, but completely repeal this horrible piece of legislature. 


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