Demand release of Azerbaijani children from Armenian captivity
Dear Friend,

June 1st is celebrated annually in many countries across the globe as an International Children’s Day and the Day for Protection of Children. Established in 1954 by UN resolution, the Children’s Day inspires us to advocate and champion for the rights of children and improve children’s welfare. Children’s rights are fundamental human rights, and any child is a human being entitled to be treated as one. 

As we all know by now, many children have become victims of the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan in 1988-1994 and through the end of 2020 when substantial part of Karabakh region of Azerbaijan was liberated from Armenian forces. In 1990s, Armenian ultra-nationalists committed numerous terrorist acts by blowing up buses, railway and subway trains, as well as other objects of the civilian infrastructure, perpetrated several massacres such as one in Khojaly in 1992, and launched indiscriminate missile strikes against Azerbaijani cities outside of conflict zone, thereby causing deaths of many underaged children. 

In addition to that, Armenian army systematically and purposefully kidnaped Azerbaijani children during their ethnic cleansing campaign in occupied territories and have refused to provide information on them after the First Karabakh War. To this day, many Azerbaijani children are still considered missing and Armenia continues to refuse to provide information about their whereabouts.

Please send this letter to ask your elected officials to exert pressure on Armenia to release Azerbaijani children who have now grown into adults from Armenian captivity and/or provide information about their whereabout if they were killed by Armenian army.

Thank you!

USAN Board

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