urgent: Abbas Lisani at risk of stroke, Iranian regime slowly killing him
Iranian regime has been arresting and executing Azerbaijani Turks by the hundreds each year. The most prominent human rights icon, fighter for the constitutional rights of Azerbaijanis has been Abbas Lisani, whom USAN has supported in several previous campaigns this year and before. Mr. Lisani has had at least eight different court cases in Iran in the past 15 years, all engineered by Iranian mullahs to keep him and all Azerbaijanis down. You can read more about this true human rights icon in this ArcDH factsheet:

Unfortunately, his health is rapidly deteriorating due to deliberate negligence of the Iranian prison authorities, who are keeping Mr Lisani without urgent medical treatment (severe hypertension and is anytime at the risk of a hemorrhagic stroke, severe back pain, severe swollen knees problems, limitation of his mobility even to fulfill his basic needs + very bad sanitation and hygiene in the Iranian prison). The intent of the Iranian mullah regime is clear: to slowly kill Abbas Lisani and with his slow dying to serve as a powerful and explicit warning on the Azerbaijanis. 

We need to urgently speak out and intensify our media and Congressional outreach. Every day and hour counts. Whatever happens we need to be able to say that we tried to do everything we could -- even if others have done little to nothing. 

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