Stop flow of U.S. taxpayer money to Armenia, Kremlin's satellite!
Dear Friend,

A group of pro-Armenian lawmakers, Congressman Pallone chief among them, are desperately trying to stop U.S. aid to Azerbaijan - a steadfast security ally and energy partner of the United States since early 1990s. 

Mr. Pallone and Co. are trying to introduce an amendment to H.R.4373 (House Foreign Aid Bill), urging U.S. Congress to stop extending aid to Azerbaijan. Their argument is that Azerbaijan had "aggressed" against Armenia and "ethnically cleansed" ethnic Armenians from Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. The lawmakers within the walls of Congress are well aware that in light of a three-decade long military occupation of internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan, in fall of 2020 Baku rightfully acted in line with the Article 51 of the UN Charter entitling Azerbiajan to a right to self-defense and four UN Security Council Resolutions (822, 853, 874 and 884) which called for immediate, unconditional and full withdrawal of Armenian troops from Azerbaijani territories since 1993. 

These facts, on par with information on ineligibility of Armenia itself to receive U.S. aid, need to be communicated to your elected officials. Please join U.S. Azerbaijanis Network (USAN) in this letter campaign to inform your elected officials about the real facts and reject the "Pallone amendment".

Thank you!


USAN Board


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