Armenia continues to violate the ceasefire
Starting from the early hours of July 28, units of the Armenian armed forces, deployed to the Vardenis-Kelbajar section of the international border with Azerbaijan, continued to violate the ceasefire, using small arms and grenade launchers. Azerbaijani forces responded to the attack, inflicting significant damage to the aggressor. Three Armenian servicemen are confirmed dead, several are wounded. After hours of skirmish, the Armenian army agreed to a ceasefire. 

One of the reasons Armenia continues to violate the ceasefire is the ongoing massive reconstruction and rehabilitation work that has been commissioned by Azerbaijan in the liberated territories. Azerbaijan has begun the construction of Toganali-Kelbajar-Istisu highway that will connect the Goranboy district with the newly liberated Kelbajar district, facilitating an ease of communication, commute and reconstruction efforts. This does not sit well with Armenia and its puppet masters who are prone to see the rehabilitation efforts as an impediment to their own agenda.

Please join the U.S. Azerbaijanis Network (USAN) in this letter campaign to inform your elected officials and media about the continuing Armenian aggression despite their humiliating defeat in the fall of 2020. Armenia's agenda must be exposed!

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