Oppose pro-Armenian amendments to H.R. 4350 – National Defense Authorization Act

Dear Friend,

On September 20, the House Rules Committee will deliberate on provisions of H.R. 4350 – National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2022, a few members of Congress at the behest of Armenian lobbying groups have initiated a set of highly misleading amendments in an effort to cut aid to our ally and thus, undermine our national security and foreign policy interests in the South Caucasus region. With amendments #52, #90, #122, #123, #408, #560, #586, #696, the Armenian lobby seeks to deprive USG assistance to our indispensable ally Azerbaijan, a pro-western country sandwiched between our adversaries Russia and Iran. Under the program U.S. supports Azerbaijan in the area of maritime and border security on the border with Iran and Russia. Section 333 (Building Partner Capacity) is in the national interest of both the U.S. and Azerbaijan. Program also increases Azerbaijan’s capability to counter potential movement of terrorists, WMDs, illicit narcotics, and other unlawful trafficking, as well as threats to its critical energy infrastructure, which provides critical energy security for the U.S. allies in Europe and Israel. Azerbaijan and U.S. share a long history of productive cooperation in these directions, and Azerbaijani relevant authorities have established a strong track record of partnership within the U.S. programs. Lest we forget Russia and Iran have consistently used Armenia in their foreign policy designs against the United States and Israel, and west-bound energy pipelines.

These amendments initiated by a handful of pro-Armenian members of Congress seek to satisfy the Armenian narrow interest groups at the expense of our national interests. The amendments which are nothing but misrepresentation of facts on the ground have been submitted to the House Rules Committee to be debated in the week of September 20, and if cleared, would be voted on on the House floor. Please take a minute to send this letter to your elected members of House of the Representatives to set the record straight and express your voice as a constituent. 

We must help the U.S. and Israel's indispensable ally Azerbaijan and denounce and oppose efforts of narrow interest groups to misuse the legislative institutions and process in the US in their malicious designs to aid Russia and Iran succeed in the region. Take action now!

Thank you!

USAN Board



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