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Tell Your Lawmakers To OPPOSE SB1708!

Tell your Lawmakers to OPPOSE SB1708!

Right now, lawmakers are considering a $150 million REFUNDABLE tax credit for woke Hollywood producers. Movie production is a multi-billion-dollar industry that doesn’t need any handouts. But since other states are eagerly writing checks signed by their taxpayers, lobbyists have come to Arizona to dish out ours too. 

The promise is “economic development” but it’s a no-win position for Arizona. Georgia gave out $1.2 billion in taxpayer dollars to Hollywood last year, the real Hollywood has doubled their cap to $660 million, and Kevin Costner is currently lobbying the Utah legislature to raise their cap in order for taxpayers to pay him to produce movies there. These productions can pick up and move to a new state at any moment, looking only for the highest bidder. Inevitably, Arizona will find itself having to offer more to compete for an industry we don’t want. 

Arizonans have been shouting “Don’t California my Arizona” for years. But SB1708 pays to literally California our Arizona, shipping in thousands of Hollywood voters on the taxpayer’s dime. Regardless of the industry, Arizona taxpayers don’t want their hard-earned dollars going to corporate welfare with any refundable credit. 

Don’t California our Arizona: OPPOSE corporate welfare and OPPOSE SB1708! 

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