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PETITION: Call on Congress to impeach FBI Director Wray

Many people have been asking themselves the rather indelicate question: What the hell is going on at the FBI?!?

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition urging Members of Congress to impeach the Director of the FBI, if not in this congressional term then in the next term, after the election.

In the last week, twenty armed FBI thugs abused their power and raided the home of a pro-life father-of-seven, Mark Houck, in order to bring him in on what are surely trumped-up charges of violating the FACE Act.

Then, just two days ago in Minnesota, the FBI showed up to a Planned Parenthood facility in Minnesota yesterday to “interview” a pro-lifer who was assaulted by a man with a box cutter (who tore the pro-lifer’s sign), with a view to charging the pro-lifer because he defended himself by pushing his assailant away from him!

Meanwhile, in Michigan, an 84-year-old pro-life woman was shot in the back, the shooter admitted to doing so on TV, and no charges have been filed by the local, state, or federal law enforcement authorities.

And, these incidents have only happened in the past week...to pro-lifers.

But, of course, everyone knows about all of the other politically-motivated "law enforcement" going on at the FBI under Director Wray, as the early morning, military-style raid has become all-too-common under the Biden/Obama Administration.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition today!

The Biden Department of Justice has already colluded with special interest groups to persecute parents opposed to the radical transgender ideology.

Now it is likely that this tendency to label political opponents of the extreme left as “domestic terrorists” is at the heart of the FBI’s prosecution of pro-lifers.

In July of this year, the US attorney for Massachusetts, Rachael Rollins told the press that she and her office were receiving “frequent updates from the Biden administration and coordinating with Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice,” and that the “FBI and other federal agencies stand ready to enforce federal laws allowing access to abortion and reproductive care.”

As head of the FBI, Wray must take responsibility for allowing his bureau to become the political attack dogs of the left. Wray must be impeached.

Also in July, the White House issued an Executive Order, establishing an “Interagency Taskforce” that would be “responsible for coordinating Federal interagency policymaking and program development.  This Task Force will also include the Attorney General.”

Shortly thereafter, the Department of Health and Human Services launched a website under the domain name ReproductiveRights.gov to help women find places to kill their preborn children and the Department of Justice launched the Justice Department Reproductive Rights Task Force to help abortion businesses prosecute people under the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act).

The banana republic arrest of Mark Houck at his home in front of his wife and minor children was likely coordinated by the White House the DOJ and the FBI. It was also completely unnecessary since Houck’s attorneys were in contact with the DOJ and had offered to have Mr. Houck come in voluntarily.

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARE, and telling Congress to impeach Wray in this term or in the next term, after the election.

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**Photo Credit: "Director Wray Installation Ceremony" by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

Petition Text

We, the undersigned, call on Congress to impeach FBI Director Wray in this congressional term, or in the next term (post-election).

Director Wray has apparently decided to allow the FBI to become the political dagger of the radical leftists who are now in office, making a mockery of his role as chief of federal law enforcement.

As the early morning, military-style raid has become all-too-common under the Biden/Obama Administration, Wray's brand of politically-motivated "law enforcement" has become insufferable, and his position untenable.

Thank you for taking action on this item, as soon as practicable, whether in this term or in the next.

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