Love Lives On: Support our Gold Star Spouses
Gold Star Spouses are currently put in a heartbreaking predicament- choose love and happiness through remarriage before the age of 55 and lose critical benefits, or forgo companionship and keep their benefits. This predicament creates an untenable choice for our widows and widowers between personal happiness and financial stability. It's time to change this!

The Love Lives On Act aims to correct this egregious wrong by proposing the following actions:

  • Eliminate the age limit for remarrying without loss of benefits.
  • Allow remarried surviving spouses to retain education benefits.
  • Preserve Commissary and Exchange benefits for remarried spouses.
  • Enable remarried spouses to regain TRICARE benefits if the subsequent marriage ends.
  • Abolish the "Hold Themselves Out to Be Married" clause, an outdated law causing unnecessary fear and inhibiting freedom.


However, we need YOUR help to ensure this bill becomes a reality. The American Legion believes in standing up for the rights and benefits of our Gold Star spouses. They should not be penalized for finding love again. They are still the surviving spouses of our fallen heroes, and they have earned these benefits through their service and sacrifice.

The time for action is NOW. Contact your members of Congress today and urge them to pass the Love Lives On Act. Together, we can ensure a fair and respectful future for our Gold Star Spouses. It's time to honor their sacrifice and let love live on!

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