Senator Elizabeth Dole 21st Century Veterans Healthcare and Benefits Improvement Act
The American Legion urges the passage of the Senator Elizabeth Dole 21st Century Veterans Healthcare and Benefits Improvement Act (HR8371), but some in Congress stand in opposition of this landmark legislation. This is a comprehensive veteran's package that includes several important provisions, including: 

Enhanced Community Care Access: Veterans will enjoy timely access to healthcare providers in their local communities, reducing long-distance travel and service wait times. This change is particularly vital for those with mobility issues or chronic conditions, and those in rural areas. 

Support for Home and Community-Based Services: By raising expenditure caps for non-institutional care and enhancing coordination with the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), more options for long-term care will be made available. This ensures veterans can receive necessary care within the comfort of their own homes. 

Authority to Award Grants for Mental Health Support to Family Caregivers: The provision of grants for mental health support will aid caregivers in managing the emotional and psychological toll of caregiving, preserving both our mental well-being and the quality of care we provide. 

Recognition and Assistance Programs: Acknowledging organizations and individuals who aid veterans, family members, and caregivers in navigating available programs and services will enhance access to resources. 

Veteran Directed Care: The expansion of the Veteran Directed Care program to all VA medical centers, with comprehensive staffing and accessibility, ensures veterans have autonomy in managing their care. This empowers them to customize services to meet their unique needs, significantly enhancing their overall quality of life and that of their caregivers. 

Gerald's Law: A provision that provides veterans in hospice care the option of spending their final days at home without losing their VA burial benefits.  

VET-TEC: Fully funds the VET TEC educational assistance program to expand high-tech career opportunities for veterans and transitioning servicemembers. 


Please contact your member of Congress today and urge that they become a co-sponsor of this important bill and pass this legislation for our veterans! 

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