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Call to Action: Closing the Digital Divide for Veterans
Whether starting a small business, working towards education and training goals, or simply applying for jobs, access to computers and computer technology is a necessity in the 21st century. Across our nation, millions of Americans, including many of our veterans, lack access to critical pieces of technology that are required for advancing their economic opportunity, education, and civic engagement.

The federal government has a history of providing surplus computers and technology to educational partners, and we think it's time to expand on those programs to offer training programs in high-demand trades like computer repair and to makes those programs available to veterans.

H.R. 7566 would do just that by expanding on federal programs that transfer surplus computers to educational institutions and nonprofits, including computer refurbishers, greatly increases the effectiveness of these programs and helping bridge the digital divide that many of our veterans face. This bill allows for the transfer of surplus computers to nonprofit computer refurbishers who will offer training programs on the use of computers and technology equipment to veterans, as well as provide those renewed computers to them for continued use.

The American Legion proudly supports this legislation as it improves the quality of life for our veterans.

Contact your Representative today to tell them to support H.R. 7566 and help close the the digital divide that many veterans face! 
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