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Executive Activities:

  • Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting Program Proposed Rule
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers’ Business Practices
  • APA Expresses Concerns About Lack of Parity Enforcement in Letter to DOL Secretary
  • APA and Other Behavioral Health Organization Continue to Work with CMS for Clarifications of No Surprises Act Regulations

Congressional Activities:

  • APA Engages with Energy and Commerce as Mental Health Package Moves Forward
  • APA Stands in Support of Reproductive Rights
  • APA Urges Congress to Act on Gun Violence Prevention Legislation
  • APA Submits Appropriations Requests for Fiscal Year 2023

State Activities:

  • Colorado and Connecticut Sign Collaborative Care Legislation into Law; Other States Pursue Legislation
  • Connecticut’s Governor Lamont signed HB 5001 into law on May 23


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