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Federal-Aid Highway Program Extension Signed into Public Law
October 5, 2020 by NAPA Government Affairs

President Donald Trump signed a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government through Dec. 11, 2020. The CR includes a one-year extension of the current surface transportation authorization with flat funding and authorizes the transfer of $10.4 billion to the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) from the general fund for highways and another $3.2 billion for transit to keep the HTF solvent. NAPA has prepared a table showing how much each state is estimated to receive in highway formula dollars under the one-year extension and obligation limitations under the 72-day CR.

The CR gives congressional leaders more than two months to either negotiate a massive spending deal by mid-December or pass another CR to fund the government into next year. House and Senate leaders have said they want to pass a bipartisan appropriations package by the Dec. 11 deadline, but securing an agreement on fiscal year 2021 spending bills after the November election could prove challenging because of uncertainty surrounding the lame-duck session and the coronavirus stimulus negotiation. Contact Jay Hansen or Ashley Jackson of your NAPA Government Affairs team for more information. 

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