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Update on Great American Outdoors Act Transportation Projects
December 21, 2020 by NAPA Government Affairs Team

After its initial unveiling of a list of deferred maintenance priorities by park and project-type for FY21 Great American Outdoors Act funding, the Department of the Interior (DOI) released further details on deferred maintenance projects to be put out to bid next year. DOI also released additional details for FY21 Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) projects. While FY21 project implementation continues, individual bureaus are already mapping out FY22 project priorities which will be included as part of the Biden Administration’s FY22 budget request. FY22 budget submissions, known as "greenbooks” for the various bureaus, will be submitted to Congress early next year. The U.S. Forest Service, meanwhile, also released additional details on its FY21 deferred maintenance and LWCF projects, as well as preliminary information for FY22 funds. For more information or questions on these projects, please contact Jay Hansen at jhansen@asphaltpavement.org.

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