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GAO Issues Roadmap on Incorporating Climate Resiliency in FHWA Program
October 11, 2021 by NAPA Government Affairs

A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) lays out a 10-step plan for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to consider to improve the climate resiliency of federally funded roads. The report highlights efforts in Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington that use FHWA residency resources but in general, states are struggling to implement resiliency practices into physical road projects. 

To do that, the GAO made 10 detailed recommendations that will help states improve the climate resilience of federally funded roads, including:

  • Integrating climate resilience into FHWA policy and guidance;
  • Updating design standards and building codes; 
  • Providing authoritative, actionable, and forward-looking climate information; 
  • Adding climate resilience funding eligibility requirements and criteria to grant programs; 
  • Expanding the availability of discretionary funding for climate resilience improvements; 
  • Altering the Emergency Relief program by providing incentives for pre-disaster resilience actions; 
  • Expanding the availability of Emergency Relief funding for post-disaster resilience improvements; 
  • Establishing additional resilience planning or project requirements; 
  • Linking climate resilience actions or requirements to incentives or penalties; and 
  • Conditioning eligibility, funding, or project approval on climate-resilient policy compliance


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