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Urge Your Representatives: Pass the IIJA this Week
October 25, 2021 by NAPA Government Affairs

Negotiations have intensified between the White House and Democratic factions in the Congress on the size and scope of the reconciliation bill that deals with human infrastructure. Currently, the House and Senate Democratic leadership plan to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the reconciliation bill by October 31. This leaves six days for Congress to produce a topline number on reconciliation that can pass both the House and Senate, draft the legislative text, and pass the bill. What NAPA and other stakeholder groups are hoping for is that Democratic leaders get a framework agreement with a topline number in place and use that to unlock the vote on the IIJA. 

NAPA and the transportation construction industry must stay focused on not only bringing IIJA up for a floor vote in the House, but ensuring it passes. Speaker Pelosi has a razor thin majority in the House, which means every member is an important vote. The Transportation Construction Coalition and the Americans for Transportation Mobility Coalition are running radio ads in 13 districts targeting House members who are undecided on this issue, urging their support for IIJA passage. 

Your voice and your Representative’s vote are needed to ensure a healthy asphalt pavement market over the next five years. NAPA’s government affairs team encourages you to continue communicating with your Representatives and urge support for the IIJA. Please share the grassroots campaign with your networks and ask them to engage until the bill is passed.


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