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Urge Congress to Pass an Infrastructure Bill
Over the next several months, Congress and the Administration will be working on their infrastructure bills.  Everybody agrees that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enact a big, bold surface transportation bill.  As envisioned by the President and key members of Congress, this legislation will see the largest year-over-year increases for highway funding since the Highway Trust Fund was established in 1956.   

The process of enacting and paying for a surface transportation infrastructure bill is complex, controversial, and takes time to negotiate and move through the legislative process.  It’s important for Congress to stay focused and work together for the common good of the country.  Beginning in early May, House and Senate Committees will prepare and report out their drafts of the next surface transportation bill.  It’s important to remind Members of Congress that you, the constituent, are watching and to urge Members of Congress to keep working on this legislation so the asphalt pavement industry does not face another extension in September.   

Tell your congressional delegation that Congress must continue to work in a bipartisan fashion to complete the surface transportation infrastructure bill before the July 4th recess.  Time is limited and kicking the can down the road on such an important piece of legislation is simply unacceptable.  

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