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Tell Congress to Vote NO on Gas Tax Holiday Legislation
All eyes are on the U.S. Congress, as they decide whether or not to vote on legislation to address high gas prices.  Last month, NAPA signed a letter with 24 stakeholders to Congressional leadership voicing opposition to S. 3609 and H.R. 6787, “Gas Prices Relief Act of 2022.” These bills will further weaken the federal Highway Trust Fund and are shortsighted, especially since the gasoline excise tax is helping to pay for the historic “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” (IIJA) passed last fall.  

Tell Congress to vote NO on gas tax holiday legislation!

Now state legislatures are looking to enact their own gas tax holidays.  For example, Maryland enacted HB 1486 waiving the state’s 36-cent per gallon motor fuel tax for 30 days. Connecticut is preparing to vote on a three-month suspension of the state’s 25-cent per gallon excise tax.  Florida is exploring a one-month fuel tax holiday, to be held in October 2022.  Georgia enacted HB 304 to temporarily suspend the state’s 29-cent per gallon excise tax on motor fuel sales through May 31, 2022.  In Virginia, Governor Youngkin announced that he would send a bill to the General Assembly in the upcoming special session to suspend Virginia’s gas tax for 3 months. 

If passed, these federal bills will establish a terrible precedent that a gas tax holiday is the answer during times of economic distress when there is little consumer benefit, will weaken the user-pays system, and the Highway Trust Fund (which pays for our road and bridge investments) will be reduced by almost $20 billion.

Support our industry, tell your member of Congress to vote no on gas tax holiday legislation!

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