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Congress Needs Your Urgent Support to Protect Autism Funding - Act Now!
Background: Since Congress enters recess throughout August, they have a limited window to pass critical (FY) 2024 appropriations bills before the September 30th deadline. However, there are major disagreements between the House and Senate on funding levels, jeopardizing the future of essential programs.

The Situation: In May, Congress agreed to cap Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 domestic spending at FY23 levels in exchange for lifting the debt ceiling. Unfortunately, the House leadership drastically reduced overall non-defense discretionary spending (NDD) allocations, leading to alarming reductions of up to 25 percent for many programs. See a summary of the House subcommittee-passed bill. 

On the other hand, the Senate has taken a more bipartisan approach, providing an allocation closer to level funding. The Senate bill includes increases for crucial areas, such as special education and early intervention, teacher training, mental health, early childhood grants, and family caregiver programs. See more in the summary

The Challenge: The gap between the House and Senate appropriation bills, combined with controversial policy amendments in the House bill, makes it extremely challenging to reach an agreement by the October 1st deadline. If they fail to pass the funding bills by then, the government could face a shutdown, putting critical services at risk.

Your Action is Vital: During this month-long recess, we need your voice to make a difference! Contact your Members of Congress now and urge them to:

  1. Work Together: Encourage your representatives to set aside differences and work in a bipartisan fashion to fund government programs, avoiding a disruptive shutdown.
  2. Highlight the Importance of Federal Programs: Educate them about the significance of federal programs that support individuals with Autism and other disabilities, enabling them to live, work, and thrive in their communities.

Take Action Now: Using our Action Center, you can easily reach out to your Members of Congress with a powerful message. We provide a sample letter you can use, or if possible, consider scheduling an in-person meeting while they are in their home states and districts.

Every voice matters, and your action today can safeguard crucial funding for Autism support and other vital disability programs. 

Together, we can make a difference! 🌟💙



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