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Urge Congress to Ensure Police are Trained and held Accountable to Interact with People on the Spectrum
Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is preparing to introduce the third bill of the LEAD Initiative. This initiative will help bring about racial justice and address the high incidence rate of police violence involving people with autism and other disabilities. The LEAD Initiative consists of the Safe Interactions Act (SIA), the Human-services Emergency Logistic Program (HELP) Act, and the soon-to-be-introduced Data on Interactions and Accountability for Law Enforcement with Individuals with Disabilities, or DIALED, Act.  The DIALED Act would address data collection needs and promote accountability related to interactions between people with disabilities and law enforcement. The DIALED Act will accomplish this by...

  1. Creating a national advisory council on disability status and law enforcement interaction data collection tasked with developing collection and reporting methodologies and providing recommendations to the Attorney General on best practices
  2. Amending the Death in Custody Reporting Act and the FBI Use of Force Data Collection Program to ensure that disability status is collected and reported publicly

Please use this action alert to urge your Representatives and Senators to co-sponsor this important bill. 

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