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Urge your Legislators to Provide Full Funding for IDEA
It is critical that Congress fully funds the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 

It is time for Congress to get onto a glidepath and begin to fulfill the commitment made to states in 1975, when the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act became law, and begin to provide up to forty percent of the excess costs of educating children with disabilities. Fiscal Year 2022 Federal funding for IDEA Part B 611 grants to states was $13.34 billion, which equates to approximately 13 percent of the authorized amount. State and local budgets must cover the Federal shortfall, estimated at more than $23 billion. Likewise, Congress must provide a meaningful investment in early intervention and the full continuum of IDEA programs to ensure the law operates as intended. 

We request no less than the following amounts for each program within IDEA in FY23: 

  • Part B Section 611 (Grants to States): $16.2 billon
  • Part B Section 619 (Preschool Grants): $503 million
  • Part C (Grants to serve infants and toddlers): $932 million
  • Part D (National Activities):
    • State Personnel Development: $39 million
    • Technical Assistance and Dissemination: $49 million
    • Personnel Preparation: $300 million
    • Parent Training and Information Centers: $45 million
    • Media and Technology: $32 million


While districts and schools work to address anticipated instructional loss, mental health impacts, and other adverse pandemic-related impacts of COVID-19 for students with disabilities, the need for additional IDEA funding is critical and cannot be overstated. A significant increase in Federal funding for IDEA would ensure that funding is available for programs that can benefit all children, including children with autism. Use this action alert to write letters to your Legislators asking for this funding level. Be sure to add personal stories about how this funding is so necessary and helpful. 

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