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Federal Issues
Dear NJ Big Cat Supporter; As you know, we were very proactive in securing over 118 co-sponsors for H.R. 1998 (The Big Cat Safety and Protection Act) in the last Congress.  This was a result of not only your effort but the efforts of thousands of supporters around... [+] more
State Issues
Big Cat Rescue was appalled to hear that zoos in Kansas are trying to amend the law that protects baby lions, tigers and other wild animals from being pimped out as pay to play props.  The bill would allow cubs to be used for pay to play schemes which leads to nothing... [+] more
Oklahoma is a hotbed for breeding and exploiting lion and tiger cubs for photo and pay to play sessions, but none of these animals are purebred, and thus serve no conservation value.  When they get too big to use for money making schemes, they are relegated to barren... [+] more
Other Issues
Florida has a ban on Class I wildlife such as lions, tigers, and bears. But an exemption to this ban creates a loophole allowing wild animals to be kept for personal use (as pets) in homes and residential areas as long as the owner has a USDA license. A USDA licenses can be... [+] more
End Big Cat Abuse in Florida by asking the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission to ban public contact with wild animals.
How can anyone view the Good Morning America story about Dade City's Wild Things roadside zoo that aired nationally and NOT be disgusted and upset? How can anyone watch the tiny six-week-old tiger cub named Tony screaming in misery as he is forced to swim with guests and... [+] more