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Artists and Arts Non-profits Need Access to COVID-19 Relief

Community by community, the impact of COVID-19 is variable and rapidly changing. As California's Legislature and the Newsom Administration and Congress and the Trump Administration consider new forms of federal and state economic assistance that may be targeted or widespread, artists and performing arts groups can join with others in the arts and nonprofit sectors to speak up to ensure that relief will meet all community needs.

  • Nationally, financial losses to nonprofit arts and cultural organizations are an estimated $9.1 billion as of July 13, 2020. 96% of organizations have canceled events since the onset of the pandemic—some as far out as summer 2021—resulting in a loss of $327 million admissions and $10.4 billion in event-related spending by arts audiences at local businesses (restaurants,lodging, retail). The total economic impact of these losses is $3.3 billion in lost government revenue and 561,000 jobs no longer being supported. Findings are based on 17,200 survey responses conducted by Americans for the Arts.
  • The unexpected loss of event-dependent revenue, income for artists, and declines in charitable contributions is beginning to come into focus and will grow over time.
  • Federal and state relief in response to COVID-19 should ensure that the needs of nonprofit arts organizations and individual artists are addressed.

As opportunities for federal and state relief do become available, your elected officials will likely be key partners in helping you to gain access, so it is doubly important to tend to these relationships now by initiating a conversation on this topic.

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