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Broadband Access Bulk Billing Arrangements Under Attack by FCC: Contact Your Member Of Congress Today
On March 5, 2024, The US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Chairwoman Rosenworcel proposed banning bulk billing arrangements in apartments, condominiums, housing cooperatives, public housing, and other multi-tenant buildings. We are concerned that this proposal would have a negative impact on residents; including seniors, fixed-income individuals, and students who reside in ccommunity associations because it will result in increased costs and lower quality infrastructure.   Bulk billing arrangements for broadband access through condominiums and homeowners’ associations have been proven to benefit residents with lower costs, improved infrastructure, and faster internet access.

The FCC Commissioners are considering the proposal to ban bulk billing for broadband access and they need to hear from your Member of Congress regarding how these bulk billing arrangements are beneficial to residents in condominiums and homeowners’ associations. 

Please contact your Member of Congress today to urge them to stand up for their constituents.  In the House of Representatives, urge your Member of Congress to sign-on to a letter from the U.S. House to the FCC.  The letter is being led by Rep. Soto and Rep. Bilirakis.  

In 2010, the FCC found that bulk billing arrangements “predominately benefit consumers.”  CAI filed comments in 2010 supporting bulk billing arrangements and we continue to support bulk billing arrangements. 

CAI believes the FCC’s prior decision is well-founded as it enables consumers, including seniors, fixed-income individuals, and students to aggregate their purchasing power. We also believe that providers are currently chosen in a competitive market, as organizations receive multiple bids from companies offering lower rates than those paid by individuals negotiating for service on their own. In addition, we have seen service providers invest upfront for all-fiber and other state-of-the-art infrastructure for the premises in question, often improving the quality of service available to consumers.

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