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Tell the Senate to Oppose Islamophobic Judicial Nominee Steven Menashi Who Argues for 'Ethnonationalism'
We need your help. In September, President Donald Trump formally nominated an Islamophobe who once argued in favor of ethnonationalism to serve on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Today, November 13, the Senate voted to end debate on Menashi’s nomination meaning that a vote will likely take place in coming days.

Steven Menashi has argued that, "Ethnic ties provide the groundwork for social trust and political solidarity... Social scientists have found that greater ethnic heterogeneity is associate with lower social trust… Ethnically heterogenous societies exhibit less political and civic engagement, less effective governing institutions, and fewer public goods… Surely, it does not serve the cause of liberal democracy to ignore this reality.”

Menashi also repeated the Islamophobic online myth, favored by President Trump, about U.S. Gen. John Pershing executing Muslim prisoners in the Philippines with bullets dipped in “pigs’ blood.” He has also mocked protests against campus rape, attacked the LGBT community, and defended a fraternity that threw a racially insensitive party.

Circuit court judges serve lifetime appointments, meaning that if he is confirmed by the Senate, Menashi would have widely unchecked authority to act on his misinformed and bigoted views.

We cannot let that happen. Take action and tell your Senators to oppose his nomination now.
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