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NY - Take action to stop several anti-harm reduction bills in Albany!

Several bills (listed below) that would ban flavors, enact and raise taxes, prohibit discounts, and raise the sales age to 21 for all tobacco and vapor products are on the move in the New York legislature.

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These bills have all passed their first committee hearings. The bills that would ban flavors are both heading to a vote by the full assembly and senate. It is urgent that New York advocates take action by making contact with your lawmakers, urging them to oppose these dangerous bills.

In New York, residents are encouraged to participate in the legislative process by expressing support or opposition and commenting on the senate’s bill pages.

  • S 428 - Senate Bill Page (Click HERE to Vote NO and Comment on the bill)
  • A 47 - Senate Bill Page (Click HERE to Vote NO and Comment on the bill)

S 428 and A 47 - Ban the sale of vapor products in flavors other than tobacco or menthol.
S 468 - Enact a 95% wholesale tax on vapor products and raise the tax on moist snuff from $2.00 to $3.63.
S 1148 - Prohibit the use of coupons or discounts in conjunction with the sale of any tobacco or vapor product.
A 558 and S 2833 - Raise the age to purchase all tobacco and vapor products to 21-years-old.

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