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MI - Stop a Vapor Tax and Flavor Regulation!
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Update - 06.22.20

  • Updated 5:45 PM to close prewritten emails to lawmakers. This campaign will likely become active again at a later date.
A package of legislation that would impose stricter regulations on vapor and tobacco products has passed the Michigan Senate and is moving on to the House. These bills are assigned to the House Regulatory Reform Committee and a hearing date is pending.

Prior to a scheduled hearing, please take this opportunity to contact members of the committee and urge them to oppose two of the bills in this package.
  • SB 783 aspires to ban the sale of flavored vapor products, but rather than banning all flavors other than tobacco, this bill lists a few flavors (tobacco, menthol, and fruit) that the legislature finds are not appealing to people under 21 years old.  It is unclear if the omission of "dessert and beverage" flavors means that these products would be prohibited. This bill would also prohibit marketing statements that describe vaping as lower risk when compared to smoking. This would even apply to products that receive a modified risk order from the FDA, which allows manufacturers to make approved marketing statements that communicate “modified risk.”
  • SB 781 would enact an 18% wholesale tax on liquid containing nicotine.

The bills in this raft of anti-tobacco regulation are “tie-barred” to one another which means that if one bill fails, so do the others. While there may be some changes that many can agree on, banning flavors and enacting taxes on low-risk alternatives to smoking is, from a consumer perspective, unacceptable. Please take action and urge your officials to oppose SB 783 and SB 781.

At this time there is no urgency to contact lawmakers and we are providing this information as an update only. It is always a good time to contact your lawmakers about any issues affecting your access to safer nicotine products, but we are not promoting a swell of comments to lawmakers at this time.

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