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H.B. 535: Contact Your Senator Today!

We Need Your Support to Protect Our Surf Zone!


Industrial pogie fishing depletes our coastal fish and wildlife, negatively affecting the local ecosystem and threatening Louisiana tourism. We need your help to support a buffer for our surf zone!

Luckily, House Bill 535, introduced by Rep. Joe Orgeron, which would create a buffer zone for industrial pogie fishing off the Louisiana Coast, moved favorably through the House, but it is far from over


Now it must pass in the Senate, and it won’t be easy.  


 There are three ways you can help:

1.      Submit a message to your Senator (scroll down)

2.      Testify at the upcoming Senate Natural Resources Committee hearing in Baton Rouge

3.      Share this page and tell people to support HB 535 by attending the hearing or writing to show their support

Let your state Senators know that we can keep pogie fishing jobs AND protect our coast by having reasonable rules in place. Our state economy, our industries, and our Sportsman’s Paradise depend on it!


Submit your support now!


****This system allows you to send a message DIRECTLY to your state Senator. It also provides you with sample language you may use – or you can personalize your own message! Either way, send your message as soon as possible and ask your Senator to VOTE YES on House Bill 535. 


Read more here on H.B. 535.


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