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“Please Ask the Governor to Fund County Law Libraries!"
Please take just a moment to send a message to Governor Newsom asking him to keep County Law Libraries open so we can continue to provide free information, resources and support to all Californians who need us! NOTE: After you click "Send Message," you will be asked to select a Topic from a drop-down menu. Please select "Other."

Most Californians can’t afford to hire an attorney. California’s County Law Libraries provide the safety net for everyone who is trying to represent themselves or understand their rights. But that safety net is in jeopardy due to lack of funding from the State.

County Law Libraries need YOUR help to tell the Governor that you value this essential public resource that ensures access to justice for all Californians and that you are asking him to support it. County Law Libraries have been losing funding for over a decade and have only survived because the State stepped in a few times to provide funding – but this year the State provided ZERO dollars to your public law libraries!

In less than a minute, you can make a significant impact by using the form on the right to send a message to the Governor that this cannot continue. California must fund its public law library system!

When you visit a County Law Library, you know you can count on reliable legal information and forms, access to the technological tools necessary to assert your rights (such as computers, specialized legal databases, printers and Wi-Fi), in-person assistance from knowledgeable staff, opportunities to attend free classes, clinics and workshops on topics like eviction, restraining orders, workers’ rights, and more.

But these resources and services could be severely restricted or even disappear if the State doesn’t continue to fund them.

YOUR message to the Governor to protect and preserve Access to Justice for all by funding California’s County Law Libraries could make all the difference.  Please help.

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