Scholarship Tax Credit Bills - Take Action!

House Education Committee Chairman Bam Carney and Senator Ralph Alvarado have filed House Bill 134 and Senate Bill 36.  These bills create a Scholarship Tax Credit Program in Kentucky which would increase tuition assistance for students who attend non-public elementary and high schools, including Catholic schools.  This legislation provides students with access to the classroom that best suits their needs.

State lawmakers need to hear from you Please use the form below or call 1-800-372-7181 to urge your State Representative to co-sponsor House Bill 134 and Senator to co-sponsor Senate Bill 36.  If you call, the operator on the line will assist you in getting the message to the correct Representative and Senator.  If you use the form it will direct a message to the correct legislators based on your address.   

Thank you for your continuing commitment to Faithful Citizenship! 


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