Veto Overridden - Educational Choice to Become Law

It is an exciting day for Kentucky families.  Last night, the Kentucky General Assembly overrode Gov. Beshear's veto of House Bill 563.  The bill will now become law and implementation will begin in the coming months.  

This victory is due to the advocacy of thousands of parents and educators across the state who worked tirelessly over the years on behalf of Kentucky students.  Rep. Chad McCoy and Senator Ralph Alvarado courageously carried educational choice legislation over the past two sessions and played a major role in making this day possible.  We also have to acknowledge the important role that Rep. Bam Carney played. Although illness caused him to miss this session, we would not be where we are at today without his advocacy on behalf of Kentucky students.   

Please take a look at the list of "Yes" votes below for HB 563 and make an effort to thank your state representative and senator.  If you don't know who your legislators are, you can put your home address into the state legislative website found here, and it will provide you with their names and contact information.

HB 563 will create one of the most expansive educational choice programs in the United States.  It will provide flexibility and choices to families who desperately need assistance.  As mentioned previously, there are areas where the bill fell short. Most importantly, the EdChoice KY coalition wanted the K-12 tuition assistance portion of the bill to be statewide as opposed to only covering counties with a population over 90,000.  But we cannot lose sight of how significant of a victory HB 563 is for Kentucky families.  The program will help thousands of students in the near future.  When legislators see the success of the program, they will almost certainly vote to expand the availability of tuition assistance statewide.  This program is beginning of a new era in education for Kentucky.  We will continue to fight to make sure that the program is implemented in the best way possible and that the program is expanded and improved upon in future sessions.  

Thank you to everyone who fought for educational choice over the years.  This is your victory! 


House Vote on HB 563


Senate Vote on House Bill 563


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