Active Issues
SB 322 (Leno) related to charter school suspensions and expulsions will be heard in the Assembly Education committee on July 1. This bill would subject charter schools to prescriptive expulsion policies and take away charter schools' flexibility in establishing a discipline... [+] more
SB 705 (Hill) related to Proposition 39: notification, will be heard next Wednesday, June 17 in the Assembly Education Committee. This bill would require a school district to notify an impacted traditional public school and parents at the school if the school may be... [+] more
AB 709 (Gipson) charter schools: conflict of interest is a bill that CCSA strongly opposes and that will be heard in the Senate Education Committee in the next several weeks. While CCSA supports several elements in the bill including charter schools being subject to the... [+] more
California's Legislature is back in session. California's 120 Legislators tackle a range of issues each day.  This year, critical decisions about California's public education system are being made, and charter school supporters must make their voices heard... [+] more