Active Issues
State Issues
AB 709 (Gipson) charter schools: conflict of interest is a bill that CCSA strongly opposes and that will be heard on the Senate Floor in the next two weeks. While CCSA supports several elements in the bill including charter schools being subject to the Brown Act,... [+] more
SB 322 (Leno) related to charter school suspensions and expulsions will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations committee this month. This bill would subject charter schools to prescriptive expulsion policies and take away charter schools' flexibility in establishing a... [+] more
AB 1198 (Dababneh) is being heard in the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday, July 15. Submit your letter today to let the Senate Education Committee know that you support expanded access to charter school facilities in California!
Local Issues
The LAUSD Board of Education on January 12th will consider opposing efforts to expand parent choice and create more high quality public schools of all kinds, including charter schools. As a member of the charter school community, you have an opportunity to tell the... [+] more
El 12 de enero, la Junta Escolar de LAUSD va a considerar la idea de oponerse a esfuerzos para ampliar las opciones de los padres y crear más escuelas públicas de alta calidad de todo tipo, incluyendo las escuelas chárter. Como miembro de la comunidad de las escuelas... [+] more