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Take Action: Urge New York State legislators to pass Good Cause

Take Action: Urge New York State legislators to pass Good Cause!

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic fallout, New York renters are facing daunting rent increases and evictions are surging. The eviction moratoria have expired and there are no statewide limits to control unreasonable rent hikes. Greedy landlords are seizing this moment to jack up rents and eject tenants at record rates. We need to protect New Yorkers from predatory landlords, help those recovering from the pandemic, and strengthen our communities.

Good Cause legislation would grant tenants in New York State protection against unjust evictions and unreasonable rent increases. It would give renters the right to remain in their homes unless the landlord has "good cause" to remove them, and to challenge unconscionable rent hikes. The end of a lease term would NOT be a good cause for eviction, so owners would no longer be allowed to get rid of tenants who seek repairs by simply refusing them a lease renewal or drastically raising their rents.  

It would help 1.6 million New Yorkers (nearly half of NYS renters) in every corner of the state avoid unjust eviction, including more than half the renters in each county outside New York City. By passing Good Cause, lawmakers can help tenants retain their homes without fear that their stability could be taken away without warning or in retaliation for seeking better living conditions. It can make our neighborhoods safer, help kids do better in school, and keep families healthier. It is a winning solution for all New Yorkers. Please write your State Assemblymember and Senator today and ask them to get on board: All New Yorkers need Good Cause legislation to help stabilize our communities.

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