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ACTION: Fifth Graders are to be Taught Masturbation in NJ Government Schools

The New Jersey Department of Education, instructed by the New Jersey State Board of Education with the influence of Gov. Phil Murphy's wife, Tammy, composed the 2021 -2022 "Comprehensive Health and Physical Education 2.1 Personal And Mental Health by the End of Grade 5" learning standards. 

The Center for Garden State Families is alarmed by the age-inappropriate material being forced on minor children who are 9, 10, and 11 years old!

The standards are but guidelines for each individual school district to determine how the standards are to be met. Recently, The Center for Garden State Families spoke to a large group of concerned citizens in a town in the Garden State. A health teacher approached us at the end of the presentation to tell us that the school was considering options and how to teach the masturbation requirement to the fifth-graders. The teacher was told they may be looking for a "film" to show to the students. The Center for Garden State Families would like to know exactly what film would be appropriate to demonstrate or instruct on masturbation? How does the Department of Education suggest that school districts fulfill their standards?

Below you can see detailed performance expectations for each core idea of instruction. 

The NJ Sex Education Learning Standards for 2021-2022 include direct, explicit instruction of masturbation to 5th graders using materials considered to be and by definition, pornographic. Prepubescence is a "time of physical, social, and emotional changes" and government schools should not be allowed to use highly controversial material from organizations like SIECUS to teach sensitive sexual content. This is the exclusive right and responsibility of parents only! Minor children must be protected from sexualization, graphic materials, and messages which have an adverse effect on the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of the child. We vehemently oppose this and other related teachings of a sexual nature which have no educational purpose. Nor is it the purview of government schools.




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