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Take Action Now: Demand Accountability for COVID-19 Wrongdoing In Your State!
The time has come for each of us to insist that every state in America conduct a thorough investigation of COVID-19 misconduct where we live. Our local officials must immediately step up and fulfill their duty as public servants as we move towards holding those responsible accountable for the disastrous response to COVID-19. 

We have to determine what impact the COVID-19 vaccines have had on each state, and we need answers regarding the suppression of evidence-based science, widespread censorship and media-instilled fear and propaganda that has cost millions of lives and will impact humanity for years to come. 

Our states cannot justify postponing investigations when Florida is currently laying the groundwork for such inquiries. With Gov. Ron DeSantis demonstrating the steps that every state should follow, we need you to take action today to make this happen across the country.

In October, the Florida Department of Health (Department) released findings from their analysis of state data concluding the risk of vaccination outweighs the benefit for males ages 18-39 due to an “84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death within 28 days following mRNA vaccination” — coinciding with findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other published research.

Then in December, Gov. Desantis petitioned the Florida Supreme Court to “impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate crimes and wrongs in Florida related to the COVID-19 vaccines and further recommended enforcement methods,” which was granted by the court later that month.

As a next step, Florida created the Public Health Integrity Committee (PHIC) consisting of “expert researchers charged with assessing federal decisions, recommendations, and guidance related to public health and health care” and “...ensure public health policies are tailored for Florida’s communities and aligned with state priorities.”

Finally, their Department will conduct “further surveillance into sudden deaths of individuals that received the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida, based on autopsy results” and compare research with similar studies from other countries.

The course of action is clear. Please take immediate action by insisting your state legislators hold those responsible for COVID-19 decisions that led to significant injuries and death accountable. Demand the suspension of the COVID-19 injections pending investigative findings. Remind legislators of their duty to ensure public health policies are created solely to protect citizens. The time is now that we demand government transparency and public health policies that are free from coercion, censorship and political interference. We must demand accountability for COVID-19 mistakes so that this never happens again.

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