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Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers/Gender Surgeries
**This bill passed the WA Senate on March 1 along party lines and now moves to the House where it will go through committee hearings and eventually a floor vote. 

Washington state senator Marko Liias is the prime sponsor of SB 5599, a bill that would allow minor children access to “protected health care services”, a pretty and very deceptive name for abortion and gender transition surgeries, hormones and drugs. The bill operates as a "homeless youth" bill, but ANY minor child seeking these "protected health care services" would be able to get shelter and services without parental consent as this is deemed a "compelling reason" not to tell parents based on the language in the bill. 


This bill is an assault on children and parental rights in Washington state. This bill allows adults to prey on special-needs children or children with trauma, mood disorders and other mental health issues. Shutting out parents and severing this critical relationship for children in order to do irreversible procedures is destructive and often deadly for these children. Based on a “compelling reason”, which would be that minor child that has been convinced to get “gender affirming” services (or an abortion), this bill would allow providers to cut parents out of the decision-making process. Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children's lives. Parents, by an overwhelming majority, have the best interests of their child at heart. This bill seeks to destroy the parent-child bond, making the child dependent upon the government. Finally, minor children cannot consent to these kinds of procedures. And they can never go back and undo the physical, mental and emotional damage they cause. 


Over 4500 people signed in opposed to this bill when it was heard in committee on 2/6/23, with just 60 in support or other. 



*BILL HISTORY: This bill was first heard in the Human Services Committee on 2/6/23 at 10:30AM 



The scientific knowledge in the area of puberty blocking hormones is severely lacking. We do not know enough about the long term mental and physical impacts of these drugs, but we do know that a significant number of people who went through these treatments as youth have come to regret it later in life and are now living with the irreversible effects of these drugs. 


We know for sure that “gender transition surgeries” – mutilation of healthy children – will have severe and irreversible impacts on these children. They will render them infertile, they will have sexual dysfunction, higher risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Many of these consequences result in severe emotional and mental damage as well. 


SB 5599 will allow the radical left to prey on vulnerable children and administer these drugs and procedures legally without the consent of their parents. This will include abortion – which is already protect for minor children. 


This bill works in collaboration with SB 5489, which CLW testified against in committee this week. SB 5489 would not allow parents in other states to take legal action if their child came to Washington for these procedures and would also leave taxpayers on the hook to pay for these so-called “protected health care services.” SB 5489 has an emergency clause that would take effect as soon as the bill is passed, unlike most bills which take effect sometime (90 days or longer) after they are signed by the governor. 


This is an assault on our children, our parental rights and the nuclear family. Please take action and send a message to your senator today!

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